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Your professional and personal goals are central to our consulting services; we take the time to get to know you better so we can offer the best advice.

Advice, training and implementation of accounting systems

Systems for recording and measuring the transactions and results of the business are a necessity in order to comply with tax and VAT requirements. However more importantly they should let the business owner know key items such as:

  • How much they are owed and by whom
  • How much they owe and who to - including VAT and PAYE taxes
  • What the actual balance at the bank is (i.e. the balance after adjusting for cheques written but not yet presented)
  • How much profit has been made
  • The strength of the balance sheet (i.e. what is the overall position of assets less liabilities)

The financial systems of the business need to be able to capture the relevant data, record it correctly and be able to produce the right reports on a timely basis. We have experience of 100’s differing businesses and their systems so as a result we know what works. Key though is the ability and skills to run the system and hence we place great emphasis on training and implementation.

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